Your Pain Is Temporary

Dear Someone,

My name is Ali Papa (@i.am.ali.papa). Thank you for opening my letter. I wish I could tell you why I am writing this to you today, but I don’t know. I also don’t know what you’re struggling with but what I do know however is that sometimes what you bargained for, hoped for, and worried about, can seem out of reach, out of touch, and out of sight.

Since it’s a new month, I felt I should remind you, you that is fighting so many silent battles, that our continued faith in God is what opens new vistas of hope and doors for Him to move and set the blessings in motion for us. So irrespective of the issues that are before you in the past week or month, don’t faint and don’t be distracted by them. Take that step of faith in that situation and don’t take your eyes off His Word.

Don’t let your heart be troubled, you that is feeling like you have lived an eternity in just three months worth of time because so little has happened for you this year. There will be storms ahead but always remember that God will be with you in it and that the other side of the storm is the good land.

Gather your patience together, you that have had an intense year so far filled with heartbreaks and life-changing events. Gather your patience together knowing that your waiting period will be over soon. When his wait was over, Joseph was promoted (Gen 41:39-41). Whatever it is that you have been waiting for, we declare that your waiting is over. Those things that need to turn, we declare for them to turn in the Name of Jesus!

You that is feeling like you haven’t lived at all this year, I want you to remember that God always finishes what he starts (Philippians 1:6). Rest knowing that He who began a good work in you will perfect it. Rest knowing that you will not hurt forever. You can have a fresh start and move forward from your place of pain.

You that the drama in your life is making you feel like you have lived four years in the first quarter of the year alone, I want you to rest knowing that your new beginning does not lie in the date on the calendar, but it lies in the man that holds your life in the palm of His hand. Rest knowing that what is coming is better than what’s gone. Rest knowing that the person you’re meant to be with, is better than the one that left you.

Gods love is bigger than your problems, you that so much has happened to this year and wondering if you can endure that pain one more day. Rest knowing that He is faithful to sustain you in every area of your life. Rest knowing that His strength is stronger than your fears. Rest and allow Him to step in today (Jeremiah 32:27). Rest and allow Him to turn your waiting into dancing. If you see yourself prophesying, prophesy. If you see yourself singing a song, sing a song.

You that is done trying to hold on to what you thought was enough, what you thought was acceptable, and what you thought was for you, don’t look back at what broke you and made you feel unappreciated. Move on with your life knowing that when your morning comes, you won’t have to beg the sun to rise.

You that stumbled on this letter and found yourself enduring heartache after heartache, having to swallow certain things after another, having to make adjustments after adjustments and saying it’s okay again and again over and over when it wasn’t, I encourage you to choose to praise Him even if you don’t understand your situation. Choose to trust Him even when you don’t understand how you’re going to come off it.

You that have made up your mind to let go of the comfort, the familiarity, the “stability”, and feeling of “having someone in your life”, choose to love God irrespective of time and circumstances, independent of situations, whether you understand it or not. His renewed mercies are still new every morning, and they will keep you in perfect peace. Today will not be an exception for you. Every one of your needs shall be supplied, and nothing shall be denied.

May this new month bring in that which you have been standing in faith believing. May God be near to you and take away completely, everything that has ever caused you to fear. May His help never be far from you and may He be glorified in every step you take, every move you make and in whatever you do.

With love,
Ali Papa.

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