Our Story

Vistas of Hope story began with a daily motivational SMS Messages to friends, colleagues at work and to fellowship members at a period when I was grappling with feelings of loneliness, sadness, regrets, and every issue common to most relationships, career and faith. Over time, those feelings gradually morphed into something bigger – something largely unspoken about – depression.

Unable to figure out how to exit my own sadness, I began sending encouraging SMS Messages for FREE around the world to unknown phone numbers and unsuspecting fellowship members to meditate on.

I’d grown up with a mother who consistently encouraged me to have faith and believe that things can only get better. So it made sense to me that I share these same words of hope to strangers. I’d write at the beginning of the SMS Messages, “Dear Someone, this message, is for you.” or “Dear Someone, this Word is for you”.

These SMS Messages spread quickly among friends and with it comes numerous requests for me to add their family members, spouses, ex partners, colleagues, pastors and virtually everyone on my SMS Message list.

Nearly 10, 000 SMS Messages sent to strangers and friends later, the idea for Vistas of Hope was born with a simple promise to the Internet: If you need a love letter, a word of encouragement, or vistas of hope, just ask.

Our Story has since become that of an enduring inspirational words of faith, hope and love. I built a website and set up social media channels and started writing Vistas Of Hope letters to the world and other little things that God places on my heart to give.

Vistas of Hope is still growing but it is doing shockingly well. We are now well over 40k followers on Facebook alone!! So welcome to the most unexpected movement.

Please continue to enjoy my letters and share them. I hope you get involved and find yourself at home here in our tribe. You’re needed and you matter.

Stay the course with us.

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